so, i want Greg Anthony’s wife.

okay, i don’t necessarily WANT her. but, she’s beautiful and has fantastic style. her name is Crystal McCrary Anthony, and she is Stunning.



and her substance outweighs her style. hot damn.


2 Responses to “so, i want Greg Anthony’s wife.”

  1. 1 karas
    December 1, 2007 at 3:01 am

    funny shit.

    i ran across a write up about her not too long ago
    and her career model is pretty much what i’m looking at
    but in reverse
    i’m already writing (albeit about things other than nba wives)
    aiming @ law school…not completely sure yet
    but definitely working toward an exec spot somewhere in the industry
    @ some point.

    wish me luck.

    the eye is on lock
    the look is mercurial
    once i get the budget
    i’m sure you know you can expect
    nothing less than unbridled ridiculousness.

    see me in 10.

  2. 2 crystal Mc crary is too hot!!
    April 8, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Crystal Mccrary is classy, smart and is just oozing with pure sexiness! Can someone please find some swimsuit or lingerie pics of her? Or even a tastefull and classy nude pictorial of her posing, would be straight FIRE!!!
    I think that Crystal is one of the beautiful black women that has yet too be recognized, walking on this planet, and hopefully in the future a Media Icon!!!! Dear Crystal I only watch the the show, MY TWO CENTS, ON B.E.T, hoping to see you hosting the dialogue. when you are on the show, it Makes me want to watch the show more, than when others are hosting. It is a good show when you are not there but it is a much better show to watch when I can see you and your gorgious self!!!! with yo fine ass, you go baby!!
    much love from Rhode Island!!!!!!!!

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